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Email Configuration (Ports) for Every Mail Client (general)

Incoming IMAP (or POP3)  
To find your hostname, go into your webmail at, click "e-mail" then select your domain and email address. You can login to webmail by clicking the button depicted below.

Once launched, you will see your hostname. is the hostname for this particular instance but it will most likely be different for you so go and check. That will be your mail hostname.

Once you have your hostname, you can enter that and the ports you need to use.

SSL settings:
POP3 Incoming mail port: 995
IMAP Incoming mail port: 993
SMTP Outgoing mail port: 465
NON-SSL settings:
POP3 Incoming mail port: 110
IMAP Incoming mail port: 143
SMTP Outgoing mail port: 587
Your email username is your complete email address.
Your password is the password you set up when you created your email account.
If you don't remember it, you can change it in the control panel.

To change your email password:

  1. Log into your control panel:

2) Click on Email
3) Click on your email account name
4) Enter and re-enter a new password, and submit.

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