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Move a domain from one account to another

When removing a domain, all email on the server is removed!
You must make sure that you have a copy of any existing email stored to another location. (this can be forwarded to another account or downloaded to your pc)
one option is to use outlook, download all emails for every email account and make sure the emails boxes are empty on the server (through control panel) before removing domain name.

backup everything via ftp (it is recommended to always have a backup)
when removing a domain name, the next screen allows you to select removal of content. make sure NOT checked marked. (note that this option is only available for domains that actually have content on the server)

To transfer domains from one account to another, the domains will need to be deleted from the current account, and then added to the new account:

1) log into the current account
2) click on Domains
3) click on the trash can to the right of the domain name in question, to delete it
4) log into the new account
5) click on Domains
6) click the icon next to "add new domain"
7) under the option to set up hosting, enter the domain name in question, and submit.

Keep in mind that the email addresses for the domain will need to be recreated, and the web site files re-published, as required.

To signup for a new account WITHOUT adding in the domain name please use the direct signup link below: (during signup - you cannot add a domain that still exists in another account)
Sign up for Simple plan without adding a domain name 

We understand that moving a domain from one account to another is a time consuming and fragile procedure.
Therefore, we are offering the service of moving one domain to a new account for $100.00
If you would like us to do this for you, please contact

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