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Password Requirements

The hosting control panel used to purchase and manage the domain registration information uses the FTP password for the domain password.
To register another domain name or manage your current domain name
the FTP password should be changed to one between 10-12 characters. (10, 11, or 12 characters)
It may contain numbers, letters, and any of the following special characters:


To change your FTP password:

1) log into your account:

2) select the FTP/User Account menu, and click on FTP User
3) next to Password, click on the Change icon
4) enter and re-enter the desired password, and submit.

Once you update the FTP password, you will be able to register your new domain.

To manage your existing domain name, we need to send you a password reset link to complete the process.
Please email requesting domain name password reset link and list the domain name.
The link will be sent to the current owner email address that is on file in the registry.
We will send you the link and also the email address that link was sent to.

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