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Domain Forwarding (Redirect)

There are several ways to forward a domain or website to another domain or website.

The easiest method is in the hosting control panel.  (Alternative methods to redirect)

If you simply want one website to be redirected to another, you can create a redirect URL:
1) log into your account
2) click on Web Options
3) click on EDIT next to the domain name in question
4) click on ADD next to Redirect
5) enter the URL you wish to redirect to, and submit
6) click on the red Apply link to apply the changes made.

- go to domain list (if there is more than 1, it will be a list)

- select your domain to go to the domain info page

- on the domain info page - select web service (if it is red, you will need to enable web services)

- on the web services page 

- look for

- enter the target url

- please allow up to 60 minutes for the redirect to function.

Alternative methods to redirect

Choose files or drag and drop files
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