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Account vs Domain Explanation

 (Hspherer "OLD" control panel)

(hosting vs domain) (domain vs hosting)

Hostica provides 2 services in general:

Web Hosting Services:

Plans are provided via a control panel that can host any number of domain name(s); usually for a period of 1 year increments.
(You must subscribe to a hosting plan to manage any domain name, website, or email, no matter how many domains may be in the account - including no domains, as this is a service for hosting and is domain name independent.)

The web hosting plan that you are currently subscribed to includes hosting services for a set number of web sites and email address.

Example: Simple plan includes hosting of up to 1 web site in the base fee. Each additional site is billed at an additional fee.
The SimplePlus plan includes hosting up to 10 websites for the base fee.

In all plans, you can manage as many domains as you want, and are only charged for the ones that have website(s) hosting enabled.

Domain name registrations:

You may register as many domains as you wish in a hosting account plan. Each domain may be configured to include website services and email services via web hosting services, (selected at the time of purchase or added to the control panel - and can be changed at any time).

If you want manage a domain name and do not need web services or email services, then there is no fee for parking that domain (if it is beyond the included amount of web sites), so make sure you turn off web hosting services and email service for that domain(s) and there will be no fee for managing it in the control panel.

There will always be a fee for having a Hosting Plan! (even if there is no domain in the plan). (only applies to Hsphere control panel)

To manage a domain name that is in a hosting account, use the following link:

To manage a domain name that is NOT in a hosting account, use this link:

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