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Whois Domain Information Accuracy - The Danger and Risk of False Entries on a Whois Record

If your information on your whois record is not accurate, your domain could be suspended and even seized as it is a violation of ICANN (not us, or our affiliates) who requires that all information in your registration be valid. You can update your information at our Domain Manager

We are not in charge or legally able to change whois information such as emails, names, phone number or addresses so it is up to you to be diligent in keeping up with your records.

If you do not remember your password, we can send it to you or you can update it in your control panel and request us to update it. You will be asked to fill out a Contact Change For if you do not have access to your account or your domain, or you are not the account owner.

Even if you have a private domain, domain accuracy is required. Private domains hide your information, however, ICANN has access to your real information and if they receive a complaint they will take notice. Please read Payment Processing, Security and Privacy Statement for more information on our private registration services. For ICANN's current info on domain privacy, you can read their current policies on  Privacy and Proxy Services.

Also, do not use a domain email that you own because if it is suspended for verification or billing issues, you will not receive your emails. Please see Contact Email (don't use your domain name) for more information.

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